Ascent Aspirations Magazine

July 2014
Volume 18
Number 7

ISSN 1715-085X

Summer 2014 Anthology Contest: In Judging Process

Short Fiction
Murray Dunlap
Teagan King
George Sparling
Vernon Waring

Visual Art

The Art of Patricia Carroll
The Art of Saknarin Chinayote & Charles Frederickson

David P. Fraser
Authors Bookstore
A A Publishing
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Anthology Contributors

Vincent Chetcuti
Erren Kelly
Norman Olson
Sergio Ortiz
Thomas Piekarsk
Anthony J. Rodway
Don Schaeffer
Fiona Sinclair

Maybe We Could Dance Poetry Collection

Reviews and Essays

A Review of Lisa Shatzky's Blame It on the Moon
by Bernice Lever
An Essay: Do Be Do Be Do
by Charles Frederickson
An Essay: Corn Women
by Sue Littleton
The Byrd's of Victory
by J.R. Campbell



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