Ascent Aspirations Magazine

September and October 2014
Volume 18
Number 9 & 10

ISSN 1715-085X

2014 Bizarre Anthology
The Crooked Ledge of Another Day

Short Fiction
Tessa Bennett
Robert Paul Cesaretti
Luz Etchemendigaray
Beverly Green
Sue Littleton
Dave Migman
Sadie Miller
Reed Stirling
Dennis E. Thompson
Lyzette Wanzer
Vernon Waring

Visual Art

The Art of Clinton Van Inman
The Art of Mireille Ribière

David P. Fraser
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Anthology Contributors

Gary Beck
Linda Benninghoff
Giuseppi Martino Buonaiuto
Kathryn Burton
Michael Ceraolo
Alexander J. Dawson
Ann M. DeVenezia
Miguel Eichelberger
Michael Estabrook
Joyce Gagnon
Donald Gaither
Taylor Graham
Cristine A. Gruber
Gregory Gunn
Margot Hartley
Dan Hedges
J.D. Heskin
Clinton Van Inman
George K. Karos
Erren Geraud Kelly
David Lawrence
Lyn Lifshin
Sue Littleton
Cindy Mawle
Jude Neale
Loree Parnell
Anne Seite
Ron Singer
Laura Stamps
Shelby Stephenson
Annuska Van Der Pol
Vernon Waring
Joanna M. Weston

Spoken Word Poetry
Louie Crew
Dee Sunshine



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Reviews and Essays

A Review of Water, Earth, Air, Fire, and Picket Fences by Carol Smallwood
by Carole Mertz
The Walk
by Theresa Bakker
Snow Falls
by Reed Stirling
The Byrd's of Victory
by J.R. Campbell and training solutions for preparations. You can also get from our website.